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released February 13, 2014



all rights reserved


SEEHEARSPEAK Vipava, Slovenia

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Track Name: SeeHearSpeak - For My Friends
For My Friends

Wasted days and wasted nights,
I never thought they'll come to haunt me down.
And it seems that all my darkest dreams were my sweetest ones,
while all my friends disappeared one by one.

And you disappear one by one,
Oh my friends have I let you down?
You disappear one by one, one by one.

Do you remember who we were once,
what we fought for, what fed our hearts?
Don't you remember that growing up together made us who we are?

And after so long, alone again.
I'll try to keep my head up, but first I've gotta set my mind straight

So I found a new distraction, created world of lies
that brought back masks to put on which we've traded with our lives.

But that's how it is now and I'm never gonna get it
That's how it is now and we're never gonna get it

As they disappear one by one,
Oh my dream won’t let you down!
And we will disappear one by one,
But my dear friends I'll still be around
But you still disappear one by one, one by one.
Track Name: SeeHearSpeak - Living Without

This situation is hopeless, it breaks my heart.
The hollow praise of the material leaves the sharp taste in my mouth
And I can’t wash it off.

This is not the path I want to take, you're leading me astray,
Betrayal means defeat, the weight drags my body off the cliff, it drags me down.
And if every life leads to death why do we bother, why do we bother?
We want our lives to be worthy, but pain is all they bring.

There's nothing left to believe in.
Too much disappointment for an honest life to live.
The resurrection of hope means
This motor's still running,
It's the fuel that keeps on burning the flame.

And one day I will be so far from this.
Betrayal means defeat, the weight drags my body off the cliff, it drags me down.
If every life leads to death than why do we bother, why do we bother?
We want our lives to be worthy, but pain is all they bring.
Track Name: SeeHearSpeak - Better Men

I want no more lies, no more false impressions,
cause you make it seem that it's just been a game
of finding fastest ways
out of this situation.

So tell me does it cut you up, does it tear your heart in pieces
when you're feeding me with lies?
You didn’t let me pass through this time.

And you had your reasons we all have our reasons
for living with our guilty conscience, but we were never careless.

And I wish we found a way,
I wish we would never have to be afraid
of the truth that leads us different ways from the people we love.
And don't ever let it be too hard to open up and say it straight, once,
cause I see no way that this could keep up, this is dead end.

And I'll keep on believing
that this life might be worth it
that it brings more than just suffering
that we'll pass through as better men.
Track Name: SeeHearSpeak - Come Around

So many places, so many faces,
Too far from lonely
and too close to home.
This world that surrounds me
is crying out loud.
This crowd is so lost here,
it’s been beaten down.

No more hope for tomorrow,
no more scream for change.
It's only me and you now,
at least we've got each other, my friend.

We've gone through a lot,
but not enough.
Life taught us all we know,
and all we know is to respect and love.

We found our own ways to fight,
but still we're not the ones to judge.
We're not the ones who point out,
to say what’s right or not.

So stay with me now,
let’s drink one more,
let’s talk about the future, let’s just skip the past,
let’s be the ones who care the most,
let’s make this life last.
Track Name: SeeHearSpeak - Strangers

My head's been gone for days, growing distances.
My body’s lying still, lying flat on crooked surfaces,
and I dream of the ocean far away,
the sun and the stars, of you and me.
Blinded by the flash of images,
twisted mind in deepening.

And the distances they disappear
while I'm dreaming of you that smile on your face.
And while I feel you on my skin and in my chest,
there's nothing in the world that could replace this.
And it will never be fair the way we wanted it,
further we'll separate the warmth from the memories,
our friends and family who keep us here,
and the closer we'll get to where we begin.

And it seems that every time I die is every time you go away…